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Frequently Asked Questions

Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts

Q: How does a Personal Chef Service Work

A: As your Personal Chef, I will first meet with you in your home to learn more about your food preferences, your likes & dislikes along with any health & nutritional desires  that you may have.  A personalized menu will be developed & a cook date will be scheduled.  As your Personal Chef, I will shop for all the necessary ingredients & arrive at your home on the scheduled cooking day with cookware & equipment needed to complete your meals. When finished, your meals will be packaged & labeled for the refrigerator and/or freezer along with complete heating instructions ~ what could be more convenient?

Q: How much does a Personal Chef cost?

A: Think about the time you spend each week planning a menu, traveling to the grocery store, shopping for food, standing in the checkout line then traveling home to unpack.  After all this, you still have to prepare a healthy dinner each night & also clean up.  Think about the money you spend on take out, fast food & at restaurants.  The average price for a typical meal prepared by your Personal Chef varies by the menu you desire.  

What is your preparation time worth? Exact pricing depends on the number of entrees & servings ordered.  * Pricing is based on my service fee — plus groceries. In  that way you get exactly what you want on your menu.

Q: What type of meals will be prepared?

A: That's completely up to you!  Whether you enjoy gourmet fare or home style favorites ~ the choice is yours!  Your Personal Chef will customize every meal to meet your specific health & taste desires.  Allergic to wheat?  No problem.  Hate cauliflower?  No problem. This is YOUR personal chef service.  So whether it's Coq Au Vin or Chicken Pot Pie ~  menu choices can be as elegant or as simple as you'd like plus there are hundreds of items to choose from including any of your own favorites.

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