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Web Masters Comment: One of the hallmarks of a Lady or Gentleman is their notion of returning to the community a portion of the benefits gained from that residence or business location. This first photo displays such thankfulness by Chef Nancy - hats off to you dear lady.

Gudalupe County News

Photo By: Tony Wilson - Information Officer

A Blazing Flash of Cajun Flavor to be served up to Cibolo and Schertz Fire Fighters this Valentine’s Day by Local Personal Chef, Nancy Falster as a Heartfelt “Thank you.”

Chef Nancy, owner of Southern Grace a Personal Chef Service and the Falster Farm, both local small businesses in Cibolo have teamed up to present their area firefighters a “thank you” Valentines Gift they will remember.

Wilson County News


WCN Staff - Mar 5
When was the last time you sat down to a relaxing, home-cooked meal?

If you’re like most average folks, chances are slim it’s been any time recent.

In today’s fast-food climate, home-cooked meals have become a thing of the past. Always on the go, families eat on the run, depending on pizza parlors, fast-food restaurants, and microwaved or prepackaged meals.

If you love fresh, home-cooked meals, but time is a precious commodity in your life, we’ve got just the solution: a personal

chef . . . You might think a personal chef is only for the rich and famous, but that’s just not so, says Nancy Falster, owner of Southern Grace, a personal chef service.

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Subject: molto bouno!

From: "Jeffrey Krei____"

Date: Mon, September 8, 2003 5:32 pm

To: "Nancy G. Falster" <>


Chef Nancy:

The salmon and mashed potatoes were absolutely fabulous! Nicole loved the chicken, too.

We haven't had a piece of pie, yet, but Nicole did and you should have seen the smile on

her face when she took her first bite! Have a great week!    Jeff and Suzie

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