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Southern Grace is about You!

Your introduction to a world of more time and better living begins with a one-on-one interview to assess your culinary priorities, your tastes and your nutritional goals. Together, we'll determine what you want for dinner and the way you want your dinners prepared and packaged. On our agreed-upon cooking date I'll shop for fresh groceries, bring them along with my cooking equipment to your kitchen and prepare your meals on-site. I'll leave your kitchen spotless and filled with the delicious aromas of fine home cooking.

You will find that your meals are both tasty and reasonably priced. You'll save time and money — no more wasted time in supermarket check-out lines or fast food drive thru's & you will save the money being spent on fatty, fast  snacks or  supermarket frozen food with ingredients you've never heard of! By dining at home you also eliminate the time you waste finding a place to eat out, park, waiting to be seated then served.

Now imagine you and your family together at your dinner table, enjoying each other's company and savoring delicious, healthy home-cooked meals — prepared to your specifications — at your convenience! Yes, it is time to . . . come home to dine!

Occasions to enjoy your Personal Chef

  • 'Everyday' dinner for a single person, couple, or an entire family where taste matters.

  • Romantic dinner for two, special occasions, business recruiting interviews, closings, etc.

  • New moms and dads

  • Elderly parents.

  • Impress your special dinner date or house guest with a professionally cooked meal,   (We won't tell!)

  • Cooking for larger groups also available.

  • Gift Certificates.

Kids In The Kitchen®:

Southern Grace helps you recover or rediscover the art of cooking at home with your children.  Food safety is a must and they get an understanding that will give you a smile and the child a sincere sense of accomplishment. And, the children learn how and why to clean up after themselves!

Pricing for your need is just a phone call away . . .

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