MORE THAN Just A meal

Eat, drink, learn, and play!

Dine & discuss

On Farm Consultation
is more – much, much more:
“Dine and Discuss” is set up for you and yours to come and spend quality time (two hours) with Karl out in the fields, corrals, green house(s) and barn asking anything and everything you might want to ask and then joining us at our table for a meal prepared with food grown on the farm and you can ask Nancy all about real food. This is a “chew the fat” session with the meal lasting as long as necessary to cover your dreams and desires. We have made it affordable – for only $275 (for you and your guest.)

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In home chef

Mission: To provide the best dining experience and service that is available from a Personal Chef service in East Texas to individuals and families using fresh ingredients and preparing meals in my clients own home, thereby, bridging the gap between the food clients know they should eat and what they actually have time and energy to prepare.
I accomplish my mission by my attention to culinary details along with observance of the Platinum Rule: “Do unto others as they wish to be treated.” As your personal chef, I make it possible for you to come home to dine, not just eat.

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Cooking class

Kids In The Kitchen®:

Southern Grace helps you recover or rediscover the art of cooking at home with your children. Food safety is a must and they get an understanding that will give you a smile and the child a sincere sense of accomplishment. And, the children learn how and why to clean up after themselves!

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Is This For Me?

Of course it is! Everyone could use a little chef help in the kitchen. Southern Grace helps you recover lost time… at least 20 hours a week! As your personal chef, I’m your grocery shopper for all the best and freshest ingredients. The day I come to your home: I’m your personal chef, dinner is ready when you get home … and I always clean up before I leave. Yes, you need my

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About Us

Southern Grace Personal Chef Service is a sole proprietorship developed by Mrs. Karl (Nancy Gail Tow) Falster as a result of research into the culinary needs of her family and career desires. Seeing a nitche need of folks interested in nutrient dense food she started her personalized chef service: Southern Grace Personal Chef Services in East Texas.





History of her Career
Chef Nancy’s interest in the culinary arts began when she was a youngster in San Antonio. She often cooked the family meals as her mother worked outside the home. As a self taught chef she has come a long way from boiled hot dogs, french-fries and cornbread!

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Isabel in Cooking Class


Produce that is used out of season will always leave you wanting. That’s why we use only the best seasonal produce to create our fabulous menu.

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Locally-grown herbs provide a pleasantly flavorful mouthful, while locally-produced cheeses and fine wines round out your experience.

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Looking for an elegant dinner? You’re in the right place. While we’re casual for lunch, we ramp up the fine China and bring the house lights down for dinner, so you can have a more intimate experience.

Families are still welcome, as we have two separate dining areas. Dinner is available from 5pm until 10pm each day, and all food is made to order. Come browse our excellent selection of entrees, wines, desserts, and more, so you can have a fine dinner and a great evening.


Our Staff

The staff here at our restaurant is highly trained and deeply dedicated to making sure you have a great dining experience. We all want to see you happy and smiling, and we want you to enjoy coming to eat with us.

That’s why we focus on hiring the best, and making sure their training goes above and beyond. If there’s ever a problem with any of our staff members we want to know about it right away, so we can make adjustments and keep everyone happy.

Our Location

Let us know what we can do to accommodate your needs. We’re happy to help in any way we can, to make sure you have a great experience here with us.

Stop in today for a free consultation! Let us show you how we can do more for you than anyone else.

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