Nancy Falster

personal chef

Romantic Dinner for Two - Southern Grace is a professional chef service
             Romantic Dinner for Two

Southern Grace is a professional chef service

Nancy’s culinary experience began while working in different restaurants during her high school years. She even spent time as a camp cook! Nancy has catered and done specialty baking as the owner of the Biscuit Basket she operated with her children. She specializes in fresh ground whole grain (she grinds grains herself) and natural sweetened products.
After several years as a franchise owner of Curves for Women, an exercise personal trainer and instructor and an executive in the herbal and supplement company, Awareness, Nancy has decided to invest more time in her true passion, cooking.
As a self taught chef, Nancy has excelled in whole food cuisine with special attention to detail.

Her 25 years experience in the exercise and nutritional fields has made her aware of the health needs of today’s family.
“Most folks are in such a rush today that healthy eating is on the bottom of their “to do” list and at the top of their health charts. I want to invite people to once again come home to fine dining. As their personal chef, I can help my clients regain control of their life again, beginning with their health.”

Southern Grace is a professional chef service that offers a creative opportunity for everyone from executives to active seniors, those with busy families and those who are just busy to sit and enjoy dinner by design, where you can enjoy the taste without the haste

Chef Nancy and Southern Grace will make it possible for you to experience your chosen taste at a leisurely pace and that’s what you’re looking for, isn’t it?
Southern Grace also provides an innovative program for children with Meal Magic for Miners & Miners in Motion, in conjunction with Foundation for Christian Alternatives.

Text Chef Nancy: 210.737.4527

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